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Zelenograd at the international exhibition "Expoelektronika-2015"

On March 24 in the exhibition center "Expo Crocus" the largest international exhibition  "Expoelektronika-2015" – the best exhibition of Russia on subject "Electronics and accessories" starts again.

The Zelenograd enterprise JSC Angstrem takes part in three sections of an exhibition:
• microelectronics,
• semiconductor components and devices,
• design of chips.

Exhibition place and time : on March 24,25,26 from 10.00 till 18.00, the Moscow Region, the Krasnogorsk, п / about "Krasnogorsk-4", 65-66 MKAD, MVTs "Expo Crocus"
Pavilion No. 1, Hall No. 3, No. A425.

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Angstrem invites to Semicon Russia-2015

From June 17 till June 18 "Angstrеm" will present on "Semicon Russia" 2015 microelectronic products for the mass market. "Angstrom" will participate in an exhibition with the enterprises "Zelenograd Development Corporation".

Zelenograd: Angstrem will show new LED panels in China

Since 9th till 12th of June JSC Angstrem will participate in the largest international Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (People's Republic of China).

Tulips of Zelenograd

Zelenograd pleases its inhabitants with variety of tulips this spring. 
199 476 tulips on the area of 3 324 square meters are planted in Zelenograd.
27 grades are presented in this year.

Pupils of Zelenograd schools visited the Moscow international salon

From April 2 to April 5, 2015 in Moscow in the Congress and exhibition center "Sokolniki" (pavilion No. 4) there passed the XVIII Moscow international salon of inventions and the innovative Archimedes technologies.

At the New Electronics-2015 exhibition Zelenograd took four

At the 13th exhibition "New Electronics-2015", the main Russian exhibition of electronic components and modules, Zelenograd earned four prize-winning places in the competition "Gold Chip".

Photo: Day of Birds in Zelenograd

If you weren't in "Lani's House" in Day of Birds, for certain didn't win cheerful competitions, didn't examine a feather in a microscope, didn't put paper birds on a wonderful tree.
You don't long, the spring all the same will come, and photos will transfer the the windy day atmosphere warmed by children's laughter.
And to festive noise fallow deer listened from a distance.

The delegation from Norway visited Zelenograd

As a part of delegation were both aboriginals of this Scandinavian country, and citizens having the Russian origin – the staff of Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Russia, the management of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) led by Vladimir Bagreev, and also representatives of the Norwegian business including working at the territory of Russia.

You are necessary to us, veterans!

In Zelenograd relay of veterans rewardings of the Great Patriotic War with the anniversary medals "70 years of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." started.

In Moscow start to these actions was given by the mayor Sergey Sobyanin; in Zelenograd the first medals to winners were handed by the prefect Anatoly Smirnov.

Zelenograd: fallow deer returned

The head of Department of environmental management and environmental protection of Moscow Anton Kulbachevsky and the prefect ZELAO Anatoly Smirnov together with inhabitants of the district with interest observed how young graceful animals set foot on Zelenograd land.

Zelenograd at the international exhibition

On March 24 in the exhibition center "Expo Crocus" the largest international exhibition  "Expoelektronika-2015" – the best exhibition of Russia on subject "Electronics and accessories" starts again.


JSC "NIIME i Mikron" won the First All-Russian competition of projects in the field of energy saving and increase of energy efficiency of ENES. The awards ceremony took place within the Forum "ENES-2014". The forum was organized by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow.


JSC NIIME & Mikron, the largest in Russia and the CIS the producer and the exporter of microelectronics located in Zelenograd, entering into the RTI branch holding is awarded the prestigious award CNews AWARDS 2014 in the nomination "Russian Technologies".

The awards ceremony took place on November 12, 2014 within the seventh annual action of CNews FORUM.

The RHYTHM of Zelenograd – 2014

In Moscow passed NAUKA 0+ science festival. Each event of a festival was directed on carrying away science of children, teenagers, students and everything to whom the world around is interesting. Open researches of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, lecture of Nobel laureates, a teleconference with ISS and CERN, the Russian, British and Austrian popular scientific shows, a big robotic zone, the first domestic medical exoskeleton, creative workshops and laboratories, experiments and interactive exhibitions – all this became the real holiday of knowledge for capital school students. 

Within a science festival in our district there took place the 5th Fair of scientific and technical and innovative ideas and projects of youth "The RHYTHM of Zelenograd – 2014".

RUSNANOPRIZE took away to Zelenograd

The international award in the field of RUSNANOPRIZE nanotechnologies at the forum "Open Innovations" was handed to the director of the company which is located in Zelenograd.

Conference in Zelenograd

From September 29 to October 3 in Zelenograd there will take place the VI All-Russian scientific and technical conference "Problems of Development of Perspective Micro and Nanoelectronic Systems — 2014" (MES-2014).

The European premiere in Zelenograd

In "Vedogon-theater" of Zelenograd passed prepremier display of the performance "Happiness Drop".

Mass media of Zelenograd will work more actively on the Internet

The prefect of ZELAO Anatoly Smirnov held the meeting devoted to two questions, actual for Zelenograd. Natalya Yusupova told about how sites of regional newspapers work on the Internet. Dmitry Morozov shared how employees of a justice interact with municipal deputies and inhabitants of the district on the example of Kryukovo's region.

Business excellence in Zelenograd

Meeting of About Business excellence Direction Realization in the Scientific and Industrial Sphere and Subordinated State Budgetary Institutions of the Zelenograd Administrative District of the City of Moscow board took place in prefecture.

3D Printing Master-class

In Zelenograd the master class of work with the 3D Printer was conducted. 3D printing has the potential to change the world we live in.

The Komponent plant celebrated anniversary

The Komponent plant celebrated the 50 anniversary.

Friends, partners of plant, youth came to congratulate the Zelenograd leader of radio-electronic branch.

Vladimir Seryogin acted as the first on solemn evening. The plant manager Vladimr Yanin the following said congratulatory words. They shared memories of enterprise history with guests of evening.

The Mayor of Moscow visited Zelenograd

The Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin examined a course of repair work in a building 360, visited the School lake and "Avtomobilnye dorogi".

In Zelenograd community work days proceed

In Zelenograd community work days proceed. The city community work day took place, as usual, in all areas of the district. We created purity and beauty in the favourite city.

The city which has become destiny

This new millennium Zelenograd entered with the new head. Anatoly Nikolaevich Smirnov became the head who designated a new vector of development. Tsentralny Avenue received a new modern face. The bus fleet was updated. New highways and streets appeared in the city. The Special economic zone replenishes with residents, the cluster "Zelenograd" develops.

The blood donor day on

More than forty people took part in "Blood donor day" on "Angstrem"  in Zelenograd. Directors participated in the action too. 10 physicians came to the plant.

Many people could come to points of reception of blood and receive monetary compensation, however they came here.

- Wants to help someone, let my blood be useful still to somebody, - so employees spoke about why they participated in this action.

Council of Skolkovo Foundation has held a meeting in Zelenograd

Meeting of 'Skolkovo' Foundation' advisory scientific council took place in JSC "NIIME i Mikron".

At the beginning the opening speech was said by cochairmen of KNS Zhores Alferov and Roger Kornberg.

Then excursion for distinguished guests on plant was arranged.

A.Smirnov: Zelenograd is on the way to rebirth

2014 is declared as a Year of science Russia — EU. By this year Zelenograd develops science, high technologies and innovations actively.

Cluster activity «Zelenograd» develops and grows.

The Synchrotron comes to life, the new Business center is completed. Exhibitions and various actions devoted to Year of science are planned.

The international activity of the hi-tech companies of the area develops.

Presidential gifts

Children from Zelenograd orphanage received gifts from the President. Alexander Gladyshev handed over sports balls to children. Children recieved sweet gifts which hand over on the most significant New Year’s action of the country — the Kremlin Presidential Fir tree. The prefect Anatoly Smirnov and the deputy prefect Natalya Sviridova were guests of evening.

Epiphany in Zelenograd

Almost 5000 people in Zelenograd bathed in the ice-cold lakes and ponds over the night of January 18-19, braving the freezing winter temperatures to celebrate the Orthodox Christian holiday of Epiphany.

A fire department in Alabushevo and the museum of Ministry of Emergency Situations are open in Zelenograd

From today the Fire Department number 212 is put into operation and will ensure safety of inhabitants of Zelenograd. Deputy prefects of Zelenograd Vladimir Kiryukhin and Oleg Panin, the chief of the State state city institution of Moscow "The rescue and fire fighting center" Anatoly Preobrazhensky, the chief of department Andrey Ostapenko congratulated all on this event. The museum of Ministry of Emergency Situations was open today in Zelenograd in Alabushevo. Its exposition is devoted to history of creation of the rescue and fire fighting center of Moscow.

5 wi-fi modules in Zelenograd

There are currently 5 wi-fi modules in Zelenograd.

The modules are stand-alone solar powered.

The devices contain local information content , greeting and invitation to visit natural areas of Zelenograd , basic information about significant natural sites, and places of recreation in natural areas of the disctrict.

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