Учредитель: Префектура ЗелАО г. Москвы Учредитель: Префектура ЗелАО г. Москвы

The 5th jubilee ‘Autolady 2012’ drivers’s skills competition

At the Tsentralnaya square of Zelenograd the 5th jubilee ‘Autolady 2012’ drivers’s skills competition took place. It is nearly a professional event for female drivers.

The participants compete in 4 classes, ‘Newcomer drivers’ (no experience), ‘Trainees’ (up to 3 years of experience), ‘Autopilots’ (3–10 years) and ‘Experienced drivers’ (over 10 years).

There were 4 areas of competition, gymkhana, first aid, traffic rules and slalom.

The number of participants experienced continuing growth. There were 22 of them 5 years ago, at the first ‘Autolady’ competition, and more than 50 this year.

Competition geography increases as well. Besides Zelenograd citizens the drivers from Vladimir, Smolensk, Yaroslavl, Moscow and Moscow region came to the Centralnaya square.

The event continues growing from year to year, and in the future it may be awarded the status of an All-Russia one. Zelenograd will aspire to it.

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The Web - Olympics of 2013
21.10.2013 16:10

For authors and owners of Zelenograd sites www.zelao.ru has announced applications submission to participate in the Web Olympics of 2013.

14.10.2013 12:39

From 1 October to 30 November the Prefecture of Zelenograd District is holding the Hackathon developers contest "Encode for Zelenograd."

The Prefecture has approved the plan of the South Krukovo District development
25.09.2013 15:21

The Prefecture approved the first draft version of the Krukovo district plan limited by Kutuzovsky highway, passage №657 (St. George Avenue), passage № 687 and the projected SPAs (Special Protected Areas) "Wildlife Sanctuary" The Goretovka River” Valley”. This is the territory of the Center for Informatics and Electronics. The appropriate order of the Prefecture notes that in the future there will appear residential and office buildings, manufacturing facilities, cultural facilities, and others.

Zelenograd is recognized best in urban land improvement contest
28.08.2013 11:47

Mr. Sergey Sobyanin, Acting Moscow Mayor, has rewarded the best employees and institutions of Moscow housing and communal services for the 2013 results in city territory improvement. The ceremony took place in Rossiya Concert Hall, Luzhniki.

Zelenograd was named “The best administrative okrug of Moscow in terms of city programs implementation”. Mr. A.Smirnov is the okrug’s prefect.

Anna Nikolayeva, Silino District resident, is 100
28.09.2012 15:35

Anna Nikolayeva, Silino District resident, has become 100 on September 27th. She was visited by Ms. N.Sviridova, Zelenograd Deputy Prefect, Mr. A.Zhurba, Head of District Administration, and social work officials.

A Guinnes record was achieved in Zelenograd!
03.09.2012 22:37

One of Zelenograd cafés achieved a Guinnes record on the Day of Moscow at the Central Square.

The 511 kg “Napoleon” cake was baked. The size of the cake was 5.64 m long and 1.29 m wide.

It was being offered to Zelenograd residents for 3 hours!

Zelenograd celebrated the Day of Moscow
01.09.2012 22:32

The festive program devoted to the Day of Moscow traditionally started in Zelenograd on September, 1 by the Pioneer Constructors Memorial. Anatoly Smirnov, ZelAO Prefect, pioneer constructors, veterans, deputy prefects, district administration heads and other officials took part in the festive meeting and flower-laying ceremony.

The results of the first half-year of 2012 summed up in Zelenograd
13.07.2012 01:06

The results of the first half-year of 2012 have been summed up in Zelenograd. The tax transfers to Moscow city budget is 125% as compared to the previous year. Unemployment in Zelenograd is 1,4% against 2% in the similar perioud of the previous year.

The Patriarch of all Russia Kirill concecrated the foundation stone of the church to be built in Zelenograd
14.06.2012 15:38

On the 14th of June His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill consecrated the foundation stone of the church in the name of Saint Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky.

Mark, archbishop of Egoryevsk, Tikhon, bishop of Podolsk, Father Vladimir, rural dean of Zelenograd churches, deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation V. Resin, Zelenograd prefect A. Smirnov, head of Kryukovo administrative board A. Zhurba and believers of Zelenograd took part in the ceremony.

Laying of wreath and flower to Zelenograd monuments
08.05.2012 17:45

On the eve of the 67th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War celebration the laying of wreath and flower ceremony was organized in Zelenograd.

The solemn ceremonies took place in the Park named after the 40th anniversary of the Victory near the bust monument to K. Rokossovsky, the monument at the bed of honour at Kryukovo station and the monument to the Moscow defenders at the 40th km of Leningradskoe highway.

Swans came back to Bykovo Boloto from winter quarters
05.05.2012 13:43

The return of the swans to Bykovo Boloto after winter has become a small May holiday.

The 5th jubilee ‘Autolady 2012’ drivers’s skills competition
26.03.2012 15:33

At the Tsentralnaya square of Zelenograd the 5th jubilee ‘Autolady 2012’ drivers’s skills competition took place. It is nearly a professional event for female drivers.

The participants compete in 4 classes, ‘Newcomer drivers’ (no experience), ‘Trainees’ (up to 3 years of experience), ‘Autopilots’ (3–10 years) and ‘Experienced drivers’ (over 10 years).

‘Moscow Craftsmen’ profession skill competition to sum up
10.09.2011 18:28

This years’s ‘Moscow Craftsmen’ profession skill competition was the 14th one. Among 174 winners of 74 professions there were 3 Zelenograd citizens. Our Zelenograd ‘craftsmen’ were the best in categories ‘Veterinarian’ (O.Baranov, 3rd prize), ‘Social Worker’ T.Semyonova, 3rd prize) and ‘Milling Machine Utility Operator’ (P.Plakhotnikov, the same ‘bronze’).All the winners received their prizes, gifts of money and applause in the large conference hall of Moscow Government building at Novy Arbat. Representatives of the most lingering working dynasties and the youngest participant of the competition final stages were also given souvenirs.

Zelenograd celebrated A Town Day
05.09.2011 15:11

This year Zelenograd celebrated A Town Day with much eclat. Lots of events coincided with the holiday were held in every Zelenograd district on September 3rd and 4th.

Red Army man remains were buried at Zelenograd cemetery
07.07.2011 12:18

Red Army man Ivan Khvorostukhin’s remains were buried at Zelenograd municipal cemetery. He missed in action in November 1941, and in 69 years his remains were found in Odintsovskiy district.

The mayor of Moscow S. Sobyanin visited Zelenograd
01.04.2011 12:03

On March 29, 2011, the mayor of Moscow S. Sobyanin visited Zelenograd. The visit was meant to the in-depth familiarity with the borough and its problems as well as programme preparation for its further development on a range of vital issues, such as housing construction, community infrastructure and facilities, creating new vacancies, transportation infrastructure development and development of Special Economic Zone Zelenograd.

Prefect’s Latest SMS Conference
13.12.2010 15:47

Zelenograd prefecture continued using new ways to make the communication between the authorities and the citizens more convenient. On the 10th of December the regular SMS conference of Zelenograd city borough of Moscow prefect A.Smirnov was held. Among more than 90 questions the most popular issues were housing maintenance and utilities as well as municipal improvement.

The Town Day
08.09.2010 16:09

On the 4th and 5th of September Zelenograd people celebrated the Town Day. Traditionally, it started in Yunost square, next to the commemorative token for the first builders of Zelenograd.

The City Day
08.09.2008 17:02

On the 7th of September the youngest and the greenest administrative district of Moscow celebrated the City Day. Zelenograd prefecture and other territory organizations have been getting ready to the jubilee for more than a year. And the result went beyond all expectations as the event was really popular, large-scale and entertaining. The day started with Zelenograd builders monument opening ceremony at Yunosti square.

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