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Hot City Day

The City Day began traditional flower-laying to a first builders monument.

Then passed many thousands procession along Tsentralny Avenue.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations carried away citizens cheerful competitions and hot kitchen.

On the Central square the gala concert took place.

In Victory park platforms of creative collectives of the district worked from 18.00 o'clock. Children invited to master classes, gave balloons, and some treated with candies.

Both at children, and at adults "The scientific town" enjoyed popularity. Here the prefect of the district A. Smirnov came also.

The City Day came to the end with festive fireworks.

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Zelenograd celebrated the Victory Day

On the Central square of Zelenograd passed the celebrations devoted to the 70 anniversary of the Victory. 

Zelenograd remembers war

A month of fighting glory "I Serve the Fatherland!" passes in the educational organizations of the district from January 26 to February 26 within military patriotic work.


In Zelenograd Museum till February 10 (Gogol St., 11v) takes place the exhibition of pictorial works. "Paints of Poltavshchina" - a personal exhibition of the Zelenograd artist Georgy Solomatin.
At an exhibition it is possible and to get works, having taken away with itself a slice of Ukraine.

We offer the photo report from an exhibition.


On December 5 in the Hall of church cathedrals of the cathedral cathedral Cathedral of Christ the Saviour closing of the XII International theatrical forum "Gold Hero" which is the most important component of the annual project the Slavic forum of arts "the Gold Hero" which incorporated cinema, musical, literary and picturesque forums took place.

The VI Moscow open festival of youth cinema “Otrazhenie”

In Zelenograd there took place the ceremony of rewarding of winners of the festival “Otrazhenie” ("Reflection").

Hot City Day

The City Day began traditional flower-laying to a first builders monument. Then passed many thousands procession along Tsentralny Avenue. On the Central square the gala concert took place.

City Day in Zelenograd

September 6 – The City Day, 867 years Moscow is old.

Days of Culture in Zelenograd

In Zelenograd Days of Culture took place. In Park of the 40 anniversary of the Victory actors, singers and musicians acted. In Days of Culture many zelenogradets participated in master classes.

Watercolor exhibition in Zelenograd

From July 2 to August 10 in Showroom "Zelenograd" (a building 1410) there takes place an exhibition of School of a water color of S. Andriyaki "Family album". Pupils of school showed us landscapes, still lifes and portraits. We represent a photo gallery of works.

Zelenograd International Festival

April 30 in Zelenograd was a gala concert of the 16th Moscow International Festival of military songs "Viva Victory!". Competition program was held April 28 and 29. It included three nominations: "songwriter", "Professional authors", "Vocal and instrumental ensembles". This year, the festival was attended by more than 100 artists. This creative teams from Moscow, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia's regions. Participated in the festival and the team of Zelenograd.

The prize «Gold Mask» — in Zelenograd

Performance of Zelenograd «Vedogon-theater» received an award of the national theatrical award «Gold Mask».

«Vassa» statement is recognized as the best in the nomination «the Drama. Small form».

— We think that it is the best award, — Tatyana Shalikova told.


"15 years. The favourites" - so were called theater anniversary evenings devoted to this date. Here the theater past and the present will connect. Here plans and dreams of the future will be slightly opened. Scenes from the performances decorating once the poster of "Vedogon-theater", and numbers put specially for anniversary, favourite verses and an actor's skit - all this will be included by the festive program.

The museum of Zelenograd is 45 years old

Solemn evening passed in the State Zelenograd local history museum. It is devoted to 45-year anniversary of the museum. The unusual mood was created by the creative collectives, come to congratulate the museum. Let funds of your museum replenish with new rare exhibits!

Rewarding of photo, videos and Haсkaton competitions winners in Prefecture

The prefect of Zelenograd Anatoly Smirnov awarded prizes to winners of competitions different in a genre. Such as competition of developers of mobile applications Hakaton, competition of photos "Zelenograd - yesterday, today, tomorrow!" and competition of videos "Zelenograd. Past and the present".

“Vivat Pobeda” Moscow International Military Song Festival

On April 28–30 the 15th “Vivat Pobeda” (“Vivat Victory”) Moscow International Military Song Festival took place in Zelenograd culture centre. The competitive programme included three nominations: “Singer-songwriter”, “Professional Songwriter”, “Vocal-instrumental Ensemble”.

Moscow Travel Portal offers guides in Russian, English and German

Moscow Tourism Committee placed at Moscow Travel Portal // a number of guides as PDF files in Russian, English and German which one can download free. The guides offer tours to fit every taste, such as “Meet Novomoskovye”, “Moscow and Cinema”, “Moscow for Children”, “Moscow and Orthodoxy”, “Study Russian in Moscow”, “Moscow's Most Extraordinary Museums and Monuments”, “Moskva River”, “Moscow and Literature”, “Gourmet Moscow. Russian and Soviet Cuisine” and others.

“Otrazhenie”, the IV Open Moscow Youth Films Festival

("Reflection"), the IV Open Moscow Youth Films Festival, was held on November 1-4 in Zelenograd.

Chorus from Zelenograd have got Grand Prix

People’s Ensemble Academic Chorus “Kovcheg” (“Zelenograd” Palace Of Culture) has won the Grand Prix of “Aurora Borealis” II International Chorus Festival that took place from June 28 to July 02 in St.Petersburg.

Mr. A.Chernetsov, chorus art director, was awarded the diploma “For The Best Arrangement Of Folk Song”. 

The 13th Moscow International Military Song Festival ‘Vivat Pobeda’ (Vivat Victory)

On the 30th of April and the 1st of May in Zelenograd culture centre the 13th Moscow International Military Song Festival ‘Vivat Pobeda’ (Vivat Victory) took place. Traditionally it is devoted to the victory in the Great Patriotic War, but this year it was also coincided with the 200th anniversary of victory in the Patriotic War of 1812.

This year more than 100 participants from Moscow, Moscow region and other Russian regions as well as Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kirghizia and Ukraine took part in the festival.

The new building of children's music school

The new building of children's music school №71 was opened. The event was visited by the first deputy mayor of Moscow in Moscow City Government, head of social services sector L.Shvetsova. Zelenograd prefect A.Smirnov, head of Zelenogradstroy company R.Ivanov, deputy prefect for constructing O.Panin, head of Zelenograd culture department I.Antonova took part in the ceremony as well.

Zelenograd international theatre festival

On the 2-7th, November 2007 the second Zelenograd international theatre festival will be held. Four professional theatres from Great Britain will take place in it. Also there will be performed "Vedogonґ" theatreґs play "Teddy in the Knapsack" (directed by Guy Holland, Great Britain). The festival is supported by British Council and Zelenograd prefecture.

The Year of China in Russia

2007 is the Year of China in Russia. As part of the event the concert of Yunnan (a beatiful south-western Chinese province) artists took place in Zelenograd's cultural centre. The province's national culture is unique and original as 26 minor nationalities live there. For an hour and a half Zelenograd people were the part of Chinese song and dance theatre world. And singing of one of the Russian folk songs together with the audience brought down the house.

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