Учредитель: Префектура ЗелАО г. Москвы Учредитель: Префектура ЗелАО г. Москвы

SMS conference

The SMS conference with local authority, Anatoly Smirnov, took place on January 22nd in the Prefecture of Zelenograd, an administrative district of Moscow known as “the Russian Silicon Valley”. Thanks to Zed’s technical support Smirnov answered the questions received via SMS from Zelenogradians.

From November 17th to December 17th, 2008, the citizens sent SMS messages with appeals and questions to the Prefect, Anatoly Smirnov. The new communication channel allowed processing messages concerning public services, development, infrastructures and the social sphere of the city. On January 22nd Anatoly Smirnov personally answered every message. The SMS conference was live broadcasted on “www.zelao.ru”, in presence of local journalists.

Furthermore, the first public mobile services websites (“zelao.mobi” and “wap.zelao.mobi”) were recently released. “Mobile district”, is a project that combines mobile products and services where WEB and WAP interfaces interact. Thus, a unique G2C tool.

After the event, the Prefect of Zelenograd’s answers were published on the “www.zelao.ru” and “zelao.mobi” sites and on the newspaper “41”. Short replies were sent to the authors of the questions via SMS. Besides, two of them were awarded for the most interesting questions about the current situation.

Maxim Kanevskiy, Zed Russia B2G Manager, commented that after Zed’s federal project “Dialogue with Vladimir Putin” Russia has been engulfed by a wave of direct lines with regional authorities. “It wouldn’t surprise me if the authorities start to use SMS messages in this type of communication more actively”, said Kanevskiy.


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20.04.2015 08:37

The Android and iPhone program "Yandex.Transport" display Zelenograd bus routes now. If you download the application, you can answer some quastions. For example, where is my bus? When it will come? How much time I need to wait?

The Victory Asterisks festival in Zelenograd
28.02.2015 16:36

In Zelenograd will pass the Victory Asterisks Festival among children's creative collectives of the district.

IBM And “Angstrem” Signed Strategic Agreement For Technology Innovations Development
31.10.2012 16:02

On October 31th IBM Corporation, NPO “Angstrem” and “Angstrem-T” signed the Commercial Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding in Technology Innovations Development issues. The documents were signed within the framework of Moscow International Forum “Open Innovations”.

SMS conference
30.01.2009 10:40

The SMS conference with local authority, Anatoly Smirnov, took place on January 22nd in the Prefecture of Zelenograd, an administrative district of Moscow known as "the Russian Silicon Valley". Thanks to Zedґs technical support Smirnov answered the questions received via SMS from Zelenogradians.

International Seminar
26.06.2008 08:42

The e-development Thematic Group of The World Bank was organizing a Global Dialogue on Role of Public Private Partnerships in e-Government projects on June 25, 2008. Using case studies, the speakers have drew out key lessons from PPPs in e-Government, discussing the challenges faced, solutions developed, as well as general recommendations for designing and implementing successful PPPs. Experience of Zelenograd Administrative District of Moscow was presented by A.Korobova, CIO, prefecture Zelenograd AD of Moscow.

International videoconference
22.04.2008 15:54

On 17th April Prefecture of Zelenograd Administrative District in collaboration with World Bank, Institute of the Information Society (Russia) and Non-Commercial Partnership "Development of Information Resources and Technologies" held an international videoconference "Government Enterprise Architecture as Enabler of Public Sector Reform". Representatives of key federal departments (Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication, Ministry of Economic Development, Federal Agency on Information Technologies, Moscow Government, experts) responsible for ICT development and usage in state power bodies participated in the event.

17.12.2007 10:28

From 2007 "Mobile district" project was launched in Zelenograd. As part of the project the special version of this site for smartphones and palmtops was created at //pda.zelao.ru/. Those who want to receive daily news of Zelenograd prefecture as well as Citizens service centre and business organizations news to their mobile phones can subscribe to SMS news. There is also the opportunity to find out by SMS the traffic situation at Leningradskoe highway on routes Zelenograd-Moscow and Moscow-Zelenograd.

The 4th all-Russia conference
21.09.2007 16:09

The 4th all-Russia conference "Experience of "Single Window" Method Implementation and Creation of Complex Geo-Informational Systems for Territory Management" was held in Zelenograd on the 18-20th, September 2007. The Conference was organized by the Prefecture of Zelenograd administrative district of Moscow, the Department of Territorial Executive Bodies of Moscow, the Board on Coordination and Development of Moscow Government Administrative Reform, the Interregional Community "GIS-Association", Non-Commercial Partnership "RITIR" under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the World Bank.

Forum of information safety
05.08.2006 10:18

On September, 9-20th, the 2-nd Eurasian forum of information safety "INFOFORUM - Kazakhstan" will pass in Republic Kazakhstan, Astana. Within the limits of a forum the conference "The International aspects of information safety" (plenary session, 4 round tables and session of VIP-club "INFOFORUM") will pass there.

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