Учредитель: Префектура ЗелАО г. Москвы Учредитель: Префектура ЗелАО г. Москвы

Delegation of Shanghai Shentong Metro Co

Official delegation of Shanghai Shentong Metro Co visited NIIME I Mikron company of Zelenograd to get acquainted with RFID tickets for transport companies producing expertise.

The delegation of Shanghai was acquainted to the complete production cycle of non-contact transport cards at the facility. As deputy general director in charge of marketing A. Golushko explained, in 2008 Mikron produced about 300 million cards for Russian transport companies.

The delegation also visited Moscow metro that nowadays ranks No. 2 in the world in terms of passenger traffic (after Tokyo). From 2008 it uses only RFID tickets produced by Mikron. Modern technology provides higher passenger service and lower expenses.

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А member of the Presidential Council from Zelenograd
29.10.2013 10:37

The General Director of " NIIME " and the chief designer of " Micron ", Academician G.Krasnikov became a member of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation for Science and Education under the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated October 25, 2013.

An innovative regional cluster “Zelenograd” includes more than 70 organizations
26.09.2013 15:08

   At present the list of participants in an innovative regional cluster “Zelenograd” combines more than 70 enterprises, including such key organizations of  Zelenograd Administrative District of Moscow as JSC “SRI ME & Mikron”, JSC (Joint-stock company) “SRI (Scientific Research Institute) “Submikron”, CJSC  “Nanotechnology  MDT”, JSC “SRI  “Component”, IPPM RAS, a group of companies “Elvis”, JSC “Zelenograd Innovative-Technological Center” and other  Zelenograd scientific – industrial organizations.

IBM And “Angstrem” Signed Strategic Agreement For Technology Innovations Development
31.10.2012 16:02

On October 31th IBM Corporation, NPO “Angstrem” and “Angstrem-T” signed the Commercial Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding in Technology Innovations Development issues. The documents were signed within the framework of Moscow International Forum “Open Innovations”.

Zelenograd Microelectronics Center is 50
08.08.2012 16:27

Zelenograd history is firmly tied to the Microelectronics Center development. Currently, a research and industrial complex of companies is working in the city that include research organizations and industrial companies that are mostly engaged in developing and manufacturing of a wide range of microelectronics products, from electronics materials to microelectronic devices. Research organizations lead fundamental studies on promising areas of microelectronics development.

12th of April – Cosmonautics Day
12.04.2012 15:31

Nearly every Russian space module that has reached outer space or just is going to can not do  without hardware components or computer system and equipment which have been made in Zelenograd, at Mikron, Angstrem, Komponent facilities, NPO ELAK, Submikron research institute, NPP OPTEKS, NPC SPURT etc. Onboard control and data processing systems for Soyuz TMA and Progress-M space modules are being developed here. Zelenograd participates in apparatus manufacturing for GLONASS navigation satellite system.

Students of the Moscow Physicotechnical Institute opt for base department of JSC ”Mikron”
30.03.2012 01:56

JSC Mikron, head enterprise of business division SITRONICS Microelectronics, the largest in Russia and the CIS developer, manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics, had been visited by students of the faculty of physical and quantum electronics of the Moscow Physicotechnical institute (MFTI).

The opening of production line with 90nm technology at JSC Mikron
20.02.2012 11:24

JSC Rosnano and JSC Sitronics announce the opening of process unit working with 90 nm technology at the plant of JSC Mikron. The launch of the new line leads to the increase of production capacity of the plant up to 36 000 wafers with the diameter 200 mm (8 inch) per year. Total project’s budget is 16,5 bln RUB, including 6,5 bln RUB of the Rosnano co-funding.

Meeting devoted to the Russian Science Day took part in “Zelenograd” recreation centre
13.02.2012 12:56

This year a new tradition was established. From now on every year prior to the 8th of February or a bit later Zelenograd scientific community will meet in “Zelenograd” recreation centre to celebrate their professional holiday. Zelenograd prefect A. Smirnov reported about the tradition beginning to the scientific research enterprises representatives. He also congratulates the scientists on the Russian Science Day, remembered the holiday’s story and Zelenograd’s role in Russia’s science life and its progress as well as wished the scientists new significant results and inspiration.

JSC Mikron has begun supplies of ski passes for the biggest facilities of the Olympic games 2014
13.01.2012 15:23

JSC Mikron, the leading microelectronics manufacturer and exporter of Russia and CIS has begun supplies of contactless ski passes with chip for the biggest facilities of the forthcoming Olympic games 2014 – mountain skiing resort “Roza Khutor”. 

In line with contract the agreed volume of first supply is 50 thousand ski passes, 15 thousand of them have already been supplied. In 2012 skiing resort “Roza Khutor” plans to rise up the volume and diversify the stock-list of supplies.

New Affordable Scanning Probe Microscope with Advanced Capabilities
13.01.2012 02:04

NT-MDT announced the release of the SOLVER Nano Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM). The SOLVER Nano is an affordable SPM with advanced measurement capabilities. The SOLVER Nano offers research capability at a low cost of ownership.

Rusnanotech 2011
03.11.2011 15:46

JSC Mikron, the leading microelectronics manufacturer and exporter in Russia and CIS participated in the section “silicon microelectronics is the basis for innovations” at the International Nanotechnology forum Rusnanotech 2011. In the frameworks of the section the representatives of Russian and foreign microelectronic companies as well as representatives from the states discussed the development of semiconductors in Russia, marked the reasons that restrain its growth and suggested measures of elimination.

“RITM Zelenograd” Fair was held in Zelenograd
14.10.2011 15:14

“RITM Zelenograd” Fair was held in Zelenograd within the framework of the Scientific Festival. It is the fair of sci-tech and innovation ideas and projects of youths where Zelenograd students o secondary schools and other educational institutions as well as young specialists and teams present their inventions. The projects of young researchers were sort of merchandize articles to be estimated by the “merchants”, those being experts, representatives from Zelenograd higher education institutions, research institutes, electronic companies.

Zelenograd young scientists conference to be over
06.10.2011 18:25

The 3rd young scientists and specialists conference coincided with the 6th Sicence Festival in Moscow was held in Zelenograd prefecture. The conference was opened with the welcoming remarks of Zelenograd prefect A.Smirnov and was chaired by deputy prefect A.Novozhilov.

SITRONICS Microelectronics participated in conference in San Francisco
01.10.2011 15:30

SITRONICS Microelectronics, a major Russia and CIS microelectronics developer, manufacturer and exporter, participated in “Innovation, Trade And Technologies: Benefits From Proper Use” conference held within the framework of the annual APEC forum in San Francisco, where representatives of major hi-tech Russian companies were invited.

The development centre of nanoelectronics technology
01.07.2011 12:49

The board of directors JSC Mikron decided to set up an open joint stock company Molecular Electronics Research Institute (MERI). Some changes in the chief executive sector were also made. The General director Krasnikov acquired several appointments as Director General of MERI, the Chairman of the CD and General Designer of Mikron. The Director General of JSC Mikron became Mikhail Biryukov before he was deputy director general for business development.

SEMICON Russia 2011: GDP of Russian microelectronics can double by 2015
06.06.2011 12:18

NIIME I Mikron JSC and Sitronics Mikroelektronika became official partners of SEMICON Russia 2011 annual international exhibition. Within its framework ‘European opinion: Russian microelectronics in global semiconductor industry’ media briefing was held, with president of SEMI Europe international industrial microelectronics association Heinz Kundert taking part in it.

Mikron at international Council in Munich
11.05.2011 12:59

NIIME I Mikron OJSC represented Russian microelectronics at GSA EMEA Leadership Council meeting in Munich. This year EMEA Leadership Council is devoted to ‘Prosperity through innovation: capitalizing on emerging markets, applications & growth opportunities’ topic. Mikron deputy general director in charge of marketing Andrey Golushko presented at the meeting his report ‘Russian semiconductor industry: Current situation and development outlook’.

New resident of OEZ Zelenograd
19.04.2011 13:00

ZAO Plastic Logic, a daughter company of the flexible plastic screens major international manufacturer, has become resident of OEZ Zelenograd, with significant financial support by ROSNANO. The company has the plans to implement the project of research, development and manufacture of flexible displays for e-books and other devices based on plastic (organic) electronics technique.

Conference devoted to the first human space flight held in Prefecture
08.04.2011 12:17

The conference devoted to the semicentenary of the space flight by Yu. Gagarin was held in the prefecture. Zelenograd prefect A. Smirnov, former head of rocket-and-space sector and defensce industry O. Baklanov, space pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union A. Artsebarskiy, the first director and organizer of astronauts rescue service, chairman of Astronautics Support Public Charity Foundation I. Davydov and heads of Zelenograd enterprises directly connected with the space technology (V. Filatov, A. Baklanov, V. Sirenko etc.) took part in the conference.

Mikron at Industry Strategy Symposium Europe-2011
10.03.2011 15:20

NIIME I Mikron OJSC became a sponsor of Industry Strategy Symposium Europe-2011 (ISS-2011) which took place in Grenoble, France, from February, 27 till March, 1. Within the framework of ISS Mikron representatives held a number of meetings to develop cooperation between the companies of Zelenograd microelectronic cluster with industry associations of Grenoble and Dresden.

Mikron enters the market of contactless chip tags
14.02.2011 15:15

NIIME I Mikron JSC started delivering a new product, high frequency contactless self-adhesive tags with chips for RFID library stocks control system implementation in Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk.

Binnopharm is the first to meet Young Leaders
08.02.2011 15:22

Binnopharm CJSC was the first to meet Young Leaders. This marked the beginning of all-Russia ‘Expedition in Industrial Russia’ project supported by RF president D.Medvedev. The initiative was organized by Young Leaders national foundation for youth support and the Public Chamber of RF and was supported by RF president.

Mikron joined EU and Russia project group
08.10.2010 16:24

Niime I Mikron OJSC, the largest developer, supplier and exporter of microelectronics in Russia and CIS countries, joined the Organizational Council of EU-RU.NET international programme. EU-RU.NET (Europe – Russia. Nanoelectronic Technologies) is the co-project of EU and Russia in creating development strategy as well as international cooperation prognostication and stimulation of nanoelectronic technologies.

Mikron started RFID-chips procurement to China
01.10.2010 16:46

Niime I Mikron OJSC started procurement of RFID-chips on base of 200 mm diameter to Southeast Asia. The RFID-chips will be used in access cards and electronic keys for households and hotels.

mAVR audio-video recorder
30.04.2010 19:42

NASA decided in favour of mAVR audio-video recorder by Telesystemy company (Zelenograd). With extremely small weight, size and power consumption it provides high-quality recording. mAVR is a miniature box with a built-in microphone and SD card connector. mAVR-1 was applied in space as a component of scientific satellite Photon-M.

Delegation of India in Zelenograd
02.04.2010 15:34

On the 1st of April Zelenograd Centre for Entrepreneurship Development was visited by the delegation of India. The head of the Centre M.Scherbakov told the visitors about Zelenograd, its scientific and technological potential and the Centreґs activity. In his turn the General Director of Zelenograd Business Incubator Zone A.Abgaryan described characteristics of business incubation in Russia as well as business lines of Zelenograd Business Incubator residents.

Cooperation in the framework of high-technology electron-beam lithography project
15.12.2009 23:52

MIET and Vistec Electron Beam GmbH (Germany) started cooperation in the framework of high-technology electron-beam lithography project. After installation and start-up work MIET-based Centre of Mask Design and Manufacture can provide Russian semiconductor industry as well as scientific-research institute with high-technology masks for different applications.

The sixth Nanotechnology For a Human and Health forum
30.11.2009 14:27

The sixth Nanotechnology For a Human and Health forum took place in Hanau congress park (Frankfurt am Main, Germany). This is the main German and European nanotechnology event of the year since 2004. Its main goal is establishing contact between developers and enterprises which are interested in nanotechnology methods using.

Visit of France delegation
24.09.2009 12:25

NIIME I Mikron company which is the parent enterprise of CITRONICS Mikroelektronika business line was visited by the delegation of France regionsґ chambers of commerce and industry. The delegation contained members from Paris, Normandy, Colmar, Alsace, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne, Bordeaux, Auvergne as well as representatives of Paris and France chambers of commerce and industry in Moscow.

Delegation of Shanghai Shentong Metro Co
10.06.2009 16:08

Official delegation of Shanghai Shentong Metro Co visited NIIME I Mikron company of Zelenograd to get acquainted with RFID tickets for transport companies producing expertise. The delegation of Shanghai was acquainted to the complete production cycle of non-contact transport cards at the facility. As deputy general director in charge of marketing A. Golushko explained, in 2008 Mikron produced about 300 million cards for Russian transport companies.

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