Учредитель: Префектура ЗелАО г. Москвы Учредитель: Префектура ЗелАО г. Москвы

The all-Russian census of the population


From the 14th till the 25th of October the all-Russian census of the population will be held in Moscow. Its slogan is “Everybody is important for Russia!”

The census data are unique and cannot be obtained from other sources. The information about population number and structure is a necessary condition for budgeting as well as social and economic development determination of Russia and its regions.

The census results will facilitate both making decisions on overcoming the crisis and raising of living standards in post-crisis period.

During the census people answer the question from the dedicated census list. The whole procedure usually takes not more than 20 minutes. The results of every national census form the results of the world census of the population.

The all-Russian census of the population in 2010 will be organized and held by more than 20 national departments and institutions.

All the information collected during the census of the population is anonymous and confidential and is to be processed for official statistical information formation only.

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The deputy from Zelenograd represents Russia in Strasbourg
16.10.2014 07:22

Senator Zinaida Dragunkina as a part of the Russian delegation took part in the 27th session of the Congress of the local and regional authorities of the Council of Europe (KMPBCE). 

Varna invites inhabitants of Zelenograd
31.01.2014 10:40

10 inhabitants of Zelenograd will have a rest in Varna from February 5th to February 19th. They received certificates from department of social protection of the population of Moscow. As a part of 300 Muscovites they will go to «Kamchiya’s» sanatorium in Bulgaria.

Vladimir Petrosyan, Moscow Government Minister, visited Zelenograd
07.06.2012 14:09

During the press tour arranged by the Social Protection Department of Moscow Mr. Vladimir Petrosyan, Moscow Government Minister, visited a number of Zelenograd social aid organizations to see their work.

The all-Russian census of the population
20.09.2010 11:19

From the 14th till the 25th of October the all-Russian census of the population will be held in Moscow. Its slogan is “Everybody is important for Russia!”

The Town Day
08.09.2010 16:09

On the 4th and 5th of September Zelenograd people celebrated the Town Day. Traditionally, it started in Yunost square, next to the commemorative token for the first builders of Zelenograd.

Today is the 50th Anniversary of Zelenograd!
03.03.2008 19:47

The 3rd of March, 1958 is considered to be the birthday of Zelenograd. On this day the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted the resolution on building city satellite of Moscow in the region of the station Krukovo belonged to the October railway. Intensive city construction works started in 1962. In order to establish a complex microelectronics center in 1962 the city was transferred under authority of the State Commitee on Electronic Engineering . On 15th of January 1963 The Executive Committee of Moscow decided to name the new city Zelenograd.

Germany delegation visited «Nikolsky Park»
27.09.2007 17:44

Germany delegation chaired by Franz Allert (Head of Berlin Senat Health, Social and Customer Service Administration) visited Zelenograd for examining rehabilitation activity in the area. The delegation visited «Nikolsky Park» enhanced comfort care home for aged and physically challenged people. The visitors were welcomed by O.Mikhailova (Deputy Head of Moscow Social Protection Board), I.Bal'zamova (General Director of «Mossotsgarantiya» unitary state enterprise) and V.Eroshina (Director of the care home). German visitors looked over rooms, sick-rooms, training and massage rooms, swimming-pool, solarium etc.

Zelenograd VI traditional marathon
23.12.2005 19:48

In Zelenograd VI traditional marathon "Run and We" took place. It has been devoted to 64-th anniversary of the Moscow fight. 189 persons from 34 subjects of the Russian Federation, and also Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Estonia and Montenegro participated in run. 164 sportsmen (143 men and 21 women) went on a start of a classical distance - 42 km of 195 m. 147 runners (130 men and 17 women) have finished it. 25 runners have initially chosen one of shorter informal distances - from 7 up to 21 km. It is necessary to note the participation of 20 sportsmen from Zelenograd in run. Three from them ran a full marathon.

International exhibition
21.12.2005 19:43

For the first time for 57-years history of carrying out of the international exhibition "IENA"which passed Nuremberg in Germany, the maximum award have been handed over to Russia. Grand prix the complex of the medical equipment is awarded: "Vacuum hardware complex "Kosmeya-M", autogemotransfuser "Agate", "Portable vacuum masseur", created in the Zelenograd SPC CB "Vzlet" ( H.Roizenblit) together with the Russian cardiological research-and-production complex and clinic of nervous illnesses of the Moscow medical academy n. Setchenov. This invention also is awarded to the gold medal of an exhibition "IENA" and Grand prix of the Union of inventors of Croatia.

12.12.2005 22:49

In Zelenograd the first payment comfortable boarding house was opened for the citizens of pensionable age. On the opening of boarding house "Nykolskiy park" numerous guests were: the mayor of Moscow Y.Luzhkov, his first deputies L.Shvetsova and Y.Roslyak, the prefect A.Smirnov, his deputies T.Zabelina, V.Kirukhin, the leader of Department of social defence the population of Moscow I.Syernikov, the deputies of MD and MMD S.Osadchiy and V.Ivanov, the head of council Мatushkino-Savelky V.Lastochkin, the general manager «Мossotsgarantiya» I.Balzamova, the director of boarding house of O.Aleksanyan and many other.

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