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Zelenograd Administration District
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30.04.2015 | Zelenograd fountains started spraying

In another, unofficial sign that spring is really here, the fountains are flowing once more. With the advent of increasingly warmer weather, which has arrived somewhat grudgingly, the fountains reactivation has coincided with the rain in Zelenograd. Two fountains are flowing in Zelenograd: on the Yunosti square and park Pobedy.


20.04.2015 | "Yandex.Transport" display Zelenograd bus routes now

The Android and iPhone program "Yandex.Transport" display Zelenograd bus routes now. If you download the application, you can answer some quastions. For example, where is my bus? When it will come? How much time I need to wait?


06.04.2015 | Pupils of Zelenograd schools visited the Moscow international salon "Archimedes"

From April 2 to April 5, 2015 in Moscow in the Congress and exhibition center "Sokolniki" (pavilion No. 4) there passed the XVIII Moscow international salon of inventions and the innovative Archimedes technologies.


03.04.2015 | At the New Electronics-2015 exhibition Zelenograd took four "Gold the chip"

At the 13th exhibition "New Electronics-2015", the main Russian exhibition of electronic components and modules, Zelenograd earned four prize-winning places in the competition "Gold Chip".


29.03.2015 | Photo: Day of Birds in Zelenograd

If you weren't in "Lani's House" in Day of Birds, for certain didn't win cheerful competitions, didn't examine a feather in a microscope, didn't put paper birds on a wonderful tree.
You don't long, the spring all the same will come, and photos will transfer the the windy day atmosphere warmed by children's laughter.
And to festive noise fallow deer listened from a distance.


23.03.2015 | Gold from Rome

The Master of Sports Tatyana Sukhova is engaged in State Budgetary Institution MGFSO of Moskosport FOK "Younost" fencing (saber) at the trainer S. Bunayev, the Master of Sports of the USSR. 


08.03.2015 | Video: come to Zelenograd minizoo

Opposite to St. Nicholas Church ezhedenvno from 10.00 till 17.00 in "The house of fallow deer" you are waited by amusing small animals.

- This complex will become a crystal of naturalistic education of youth of Zelenograd. - The prefect A. Smirnov at opening of a captive complex emphasized.

Come and check on yourself action of a magic crystal!


04.02.2015 | Zelenograd remembers war

A month of fighting glory "I Serve the Fatherland!" passes in the educational organizations of the district from January 26 to February 26 within military patriotic work.


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