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Zelenograd Administration District
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The main themes

The blood donor day on "Angstrem"

More than forty people took part in "Blood donor day" on "Angstrem"  in Zelenograd. Directors participated in the action too.

The blood donor day on

The city which has become destiny

Anatoly Nikolaevich Smirnov became the head who designated a new vector of development.

The city which has become destiny

The museum of Zelenograd is 45 years old

Solemn evening passed in the State Zelenograd local history museum.

The museum of Zelenograd is 45 years old

Main news

02.04.2014 | XVII Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimedes"

Representatives of 42 regions of the Russian Federation and foreign participants take part in Arkhimed-2014 Salon from 17 countries: Great Britain, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Ecuador, Iran, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Qatar, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia. More than 750 projects from various areas of science and equipment take part in competitions of Archimedes Salon. For the interesting and promising industrial application artifacts, estmated by the international Jury, participants are awarded by gold, silver and bronze medals at the Salon. 


31.03.2014 | "Vedogon-theater" celebrates the 15-th anniversary

"15 years. The favourites" - so were called theater anniversary evenings devoted to this date. Here the theater past and the present will connect. Here plans and dreams of the future will be slightly opened. Scenes from the performances decorating once the poster of "Vedogon-theater", and numbers put specially for anniversary, favourite verses and an actor's skit - all this will be included by the festive program.


27.03.2014 | The museum of Zelenograd is 45 years old

Solemn evening passed in the State Zelenograd local history museum. It is devoted to 45-year anniversary of the museum. The unusual mood was created by the creative collectives, come to congratulate the museum. Let funds of your museum replenish with new rare exhibits!


20.02.2014 | Untershlyayskhaym and Zelenograd met again

Zelenograd was visited by delegation from Untershlyayskhaym’s German twin-city. The cities are on friendly terms 14 years. In 2004 of the relation between Untershlyayskhaym and Zelenograd were fastened by the protocol on cooperation.


15.02.2014 | Zelenograd connected Moscow and Paris

School students from France arrived to Zelenograd. Parisians arrived to Moscow for Russian studying. Pupils of lyceum No. 1557 organized excursions for guests. Pupils of lyceum showed physical devices in Science and technology park. Guests have visited lessons of Russian, geometry, national Russian crafts. In the next few days 29 young men and girls from France will go to Moscow and will visit the Tretyakov gallery and the Kremlin.


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