1. Оцените доступность в подъездах, на сайте, на стендах в ГБУ «Жилищник» информации о деятельности ГБУ «Жилищник» в баллах от 5 - высокая доступность до 1 - низкая доступность:

Учредитель: Префектура ЗелАО г. Москвы Учредитель: Префектура ЗелАО г. Москвы

The first group of MIET graduates was trained at the Italian University of Roma Tre (Roma Tre University)

Based on MIET and the University Roma Tre agreement on education and scientific activities cooperation, the first group of MIET IEMS department graduates took two English mastership courses in the Italian university.

Students have shown excellent results (highest marks at 30-point scale) and have earned six credits for each subject. They received credits certificates that will be considered in their future studies. According to the students, the knowledge they had received in MIET was sufficient for the mastering the courses.

MIET masters Sergey Belousov, Alexei Ivanov and Sergei Glukhov dived into Italian life atmosphere for two months. During their stay, they not only have successfully mastered the proposed subjects but also increased their foreign language level, enjoyed the beauty of Rome, and even attended a football game.

The University of Roma Tre representatives confirmed strong interest in continuing cooperation with MIET and developing student exchange programs (“double degree” programs").

Source: MIET website

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Tournament of M.V.Lomonosov in Zelenograd

On September 8 passed Tournament of M. V. Lomonosov in Lyceum No. 1557. For the first time the lyceum became a platform for carrying out such significant action!


The fifth Fair of scientific and technical and innovative ideas and projects of youth "the RHYTHM of Zelenograd 2014" is carried out within events of the IX Festival of science in the city of Moscow.

Zelenograd: To study, study and study

– To study, study and study, – the rector МИЭТа Yu.Chaplygin on solemn dedication in students which took place in university of Zelenograd quoted known words.

Dmitry Medvedev visited MIET

On May 20 in Zelenograd on a platform of National research university "MIET" passed important action. Meeting of presidium of Council took place at the President of the Russian Federation on implementation of priority national projects and demographic policy. The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev headed meeting.

XVII Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies

Representatives of 42 regions of the Russian Federation and foreign participants take part in Arkhimed-2014 Salon from 17 countries: Great Britain, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Ecuador, Iran, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Qatar, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia. More than 750 projects from various areas of science and equipment take part in competitions of Archimedes Salon. For the interesting and promising industrial application artifacts, estmated by the international Jury, participants are awarded by gold, silver and bronze medals at the Salon. 

Zelenograd connected Moscow and Paris

School students from France arrived to Zelenograd. Parisians arrived to Moscow for Russian studying. Pupils of lyceum No. 1557 organized excursions for guests. Pupils of lyceum showed physical devices in Science and technology park. Guests have visited lessons of Russian, geometry, national Russian crafts. In the next few days 29 young men and girls from France will go to Moscow and will visit the Tretyakov gallery and the Kremlin.

The youth science and technology park is invented in Zelenograd

The event which collected very representative society in frosty day in lyceum No. 1557 is an opening of Training Center of Prototyping of Scientific and Technical Development and Commercialization.

The National Research University of Electronic Technology opens a popular-science educational auditorium

September 21, 2013  the National Research University " MIET " will open the popular - science educational auditorium "Complex Made Simple! Or the introduction to the modern science".

The first group of MIET graduates was trained at the Italian University of Roma Tre (Roma Tre University)

Based on MIET and the University Roma Tre agreement on education and scientific activities cooperation, the first group of MIET IEMS department graduates took two English mastership courses in the Italian university.

MIET graduate aboard of Soyuz spaceship

Sergey Revin, the first cosmonaut graduated from MIET, moved to International Space Station aboard of Soyuz spaceship.

Sergey Revin is a Russian research cosmonaut of Roscosmos cosmonaut corps, senior lieutenant retiree. He graduated from MIET in 1989 with the speciality of automation and electronics. He moved to ISS for a longtime expedition 31–32 as an onboard engineer.

Ambassador of Myanmar in Russia visited MIET

This year the Day of Foreign Citizens Training Department was timed to two events: to the Myanmar New Year and the 10th anniversary of Myanmar students teaching in MIET.

Moscow-Bavarian Student School MB-JASS was first held in Munich

March 27 - April 2 Bavaria hosted the 6th Annual Moscow-Bavarian Student School MB-JASS, organized by MIET and Technical University of Munich (TUM). The first five years, the school took place in MIET, and this year for the first time in Germany. The main organizers of MB-JASS are MIET Vice-rector Sergei V. Umnyashkin and Prof. TUM Ernst Mayr assured the participants that this project would be developed in the future.

MIET international educational centres graduates were handed diplomas

Graduates of international educational centres Synopsys-MIET and Instruments and Systems Engineering Institute MIET-Cadence were handed diplomas.

5th MB-JASS International Student School

The co-leaders of Moscow-Bavarian Joint Advanced Student School MB-JASS, MIET rector Yuri A. Chaplygin and Munich Technical University professor Ernst Mayr lead off its work. Then words of welcome from the school sponsors, head of Siemens branch in Russia Andrey Bartenev and vice president of Synopsys company, MIET professor emeritus Rich Goldman followed, as well as greetings sent by deputy Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation S. V. Ivanets.

MSABA Experience Studied in Germany

Moscow State Academy of Business Administration represented Russia at the Russian-German Entrepreneur Day which was held in Frankfurt am Main University of Applied Science (Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main, FH FFM). The head of Academy Department for Development and Innovations, Master’s degree program professor Denis Kuznetsov made a report on Russian and German universities’ role in small and medium business enterprises formation.

MSABA - one of the first members of Bologna club

MSABA became one of the first members of Bologna club. The organization consolidated major Russian higher education institutions which entered into the engagement of Russian higher education system reforming and creating the Common Education Space within Europe. Bologna declaration was carried on the 19th of June, 1999 by 29 European Education Ministers. Now Bologna process is a consolidation of 47 countries. Russia joined it in September, 2003.

MIET is the national research university

As MIET rector Y. Chaplygin, corresponding member of RAS, informed at the press conference on the 29th of April Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation contest committee MIET was assigned the status of national research university. It demonstrates the recognition of the institutionґs achievements in education, research activities as well as innovations. The university will also receive significant long-term state financing backing, which is to amount 1.8 milliard RUB for 5 years.

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